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STRONG-CAST (noun): Your new favorite podcast ft. top tier Herbstrong athletes.

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Episode #8: One of the world's strongest men, Nick Best, @nickbeststrongman joins KC Mitchell. Learn about his future plans, strongman competing, powerlifting, and more.

Episode #7: Meet Cailer Woolam, @doctor.deadlift, one of the best powerlifters in the world.  


Episode #6: Andy Huang, @that_hugeasainguy, sits down with KC to discuss all things powerlifting, genetics, powerlifting vs. bodybuilding and more.

Episode #5: Meet our new host, KC Mitchell! KC sits down with Nick Wright (@nickwrightnwb), who flew out from Rhode Island to bring you a guys a killer podcast episode.

Episode #4: Sawyer finds out exactly WHAT a "haparican" is with Amanda Kohatsu (@haparican).

Episode #3: Herbstrong's favorite power(lifting) couple, @bum_muscle & @veggie_lifter, sit down for some real and really interesting conversation.

Episode #2: Sawyer sits down with @that_hugeasainguy, Andy Huang, the first powerlifter ever to be sponsored by Herbstrong.

Episode #1: Meet our CEO and @that1legmonster, KC Mitchell, one of Herbstrong's top powerlifters.