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Motocross/ Supercross by Dylan Merriam

We asked athlete, Dylan Merriam if he would share his Herbstrong experience.  We are hoping the article will help answer the numerous messages we get from people asking if Herbstrong is right for them.   We can not advise the individual, it is the individual that needs to do research and decide the best resource for themselves. We believe that everyone can benefit from the natural healing properties of full spectrum hemp extract, that’s why we provide it! Below are Dylan’s comments on how Herbstrong impacts his life. My sport and passion is racing professional Motocross and Supercross. I practice about 3 to 4 days a week on the bike, with each day lasting around 2-3 hours. I also workout 6...

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Best Warm-up Exercises To Do Before a Workout

A thorough warm-up is one of the most crucial parts in maintaining a healthy back, not to mention healthy muscles and joints throughout the rest of your body. All it takes is five minutes to give your spine a proper warm-up, preparing it for the cardio or weightlifting workout ahead. If you work at a desk or have another relatively sedentary job, chances are you don’t move many of your joints through their full ranges of motion. But when you work out, you tend to use much greater ranges of motion. So your warm-up needs to include motions that you wouldn’t normally do on a day-to-day basis. 1. The Worlds Greatest Stretch Instructions: Take a large, lunging step forward with...

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