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Benefits of Taking Full Spectrum CBD

There are still so many undiscovered uses of full spectrum hemp oil, but there's plenty of known and studied uses that you can get excited about and benefit from today.  Reduces Swelling & Inflammation I can speak from experience, this stuff works great for reducing swelling. Recently I hit my foot skim boarding and it swelled up to the size of a baseball. Luckily we had a bottle of the recovery drops in our car and we covered my foot in the oil. No joke, 5 minutes later my foot was almost back to normal, the swelling had reduced dramatically and the color was no longer bright red. I am sure the recovery time of the injury was cut by half due...

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Herbstrong For Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Elbow Pain, AND Chron's Disease?!

Sheldon, a long time customer and supporter of Herbstrong, shares his experience using our products and the AMAZING results he's seen. Take a couple minutes to read his story (in his own words)!  "So a little about me: I’m 26 years old. I served in the United States Marine Corps, as a combat engineer. I competitively powerlift in the 100kg weight class, I have an 18 month old son, and I’ve been married for about a year now. I originally started using CBD oil to help manage my Crohn’s disease, because of its inflammatory nature. I also dealt with some severe elbow pain due to tennis elbow and major impact from powerlifting. CBD oil has nearly put my Crohn’s into...

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CBD for Addiction - A Success Story

Dear Reader, below is email communications we received recently from an amazing man named Jorda.  We asked if we could post the email in the form of an article to help others.  He wants to share his story in the hope that it may provide some guidance for others in the grips of their addiction.  This is not intended as a prescription or medical advice, but is is a 100% accounting of his experience, struggles, and success.  Hello Herbstrong Team! My name is Jorda Kynett. I have a testimony about how CBD helped me quit the GRIPS of Suboxone.   I had no way out of addiction, when I was 8 years old I hurt my hand, on a mechanical rolling gate, went through 6 hours of surgery,...

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