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Travel Plans?

Posted by Brittany Avdee on
Travel Plans?

What are your inflight necessities? Is it a book, a movie, some snacks...well what about CBD?

TSA now allows passengers to bring hemp-derived CBD products in their carry on and checked bags. We all know that the regulations and laws with CBD are hazy and certain states are more strict than others. Our suggestion is to pack your Herbstrong in the bag you are going to check-in to be on the safe side.

What you should do:

  • Before going to the airport double-check the state(s) laws about both hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD to see where they stand (Herbstrong products are hemp-derived).
  • Contact us at help@herbstrong.com to obtain a copy of our Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the product you wish to fly with. It will show that there is no detectable THC or that it contains less than 0.3%. We also recommend printing out a copy of the COA to bring with you to the airport.
  • Pack the product correctly. If you choose to bring your Herbstrong in your carry on bag, be sure you are following the TSA guidelines.

 TSA guidelines include bringing any of the following 3.4oz or less items in a quart-sized bag. Items can include liquids, gels, creams, pastes, and aerosols.


Can I travel internationally with Herbstrong?
Due to some parts of the world heavily regulating CBD products (or products derived from hemp/marijuana). We do not recommend traveling internationally with ours or any other CBD product.

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