The Color and Flavor of Herbstrong Recovery Drops

Herbstrong CBD was built on the concept of a STRONG formula for a fair price.  We use FULL Spectrum ( minus the THC, more commonly referred to as BROAD), which means from the plant not isolate.  With this type of formula, the batches of raw material ( CBD extract) can vary in flavor and appearance.  We do our best to keep the product consistent, but there are times when the flavor and color will be different from your last bottle. 

What we do guarantee is that you have a STRONG formula over 80% CBD and natural Cannabinoids.  We will provide the most current lab results by request if you email - we test the individual drops and also the raw product.  The raw product test will show you the concentration of CBD ( typically it is 85%) the drops test will show the milligrams of CBD and NON-detectable THC. 

We do not post our CoA on our website - we prefer to hand-email you the most current information and be able to answer questions you may have. 

Many customers want to compare various CBD companies pricing - this is a very common question we are asked. If you read the details below, with the 1000mg bottle as an example - you will have the information you need to make an informed decision.  There are lots of beautiful CBD companies out there - we will never bash anyone else - we are just happy that you have found CBD as an alternative! 

To further explain - CBD itself - does not have a color or flavor - the strength of our product is not indicated by color or flavor.  The raw materials -the plant matter controls the flavor and the color.  Most recently, this became an issue when our supplier had to replace our 87% CBD with 94% CBD and the resulting formulas were much lighter in flavor and taste.  The ironic thing to those concerned, is that this batch is stronger than your previous bottle.  

Also note that the RAW material is over 80% CBD guaranteed - the drops which are in a 15ml bottle will have apx 14ml of MCT and 1g of CBD which will result in apx 4mg per drop of liquid.  ( drop not dropper) 

Customer service is available during normal business hours if you have any questions! 

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