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How Two Rescue Pups Benefited From Strong Paws

Kenoby and Paladyn's Experience Using Strong Paws  "Can we talk about how Strong Paws fixed the crazies?? Yes, you heard me right! Here's that big update on Paladyn y'all have been waiting for, with an added bonus of that black and white freak known as Kenoby. In fact, let's start with Kenoby first. Let me tell you about how Strong Paws oil has turned things around for us. While Kenoby always had his quirks, such as never putting a ball down and sticking his nose against your cheek to stare at you, he never had anxiety. He would occasionally bark at strangers at the door, but none of the real issues happened until after he started feeling threatened in his...

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Benefits of Taking Full Spectrum CBD

There are still so many undiscovered uses of full spectrum hemp oil, but there's plenty of known and studied uses that you can get excited about and benefit from today.  Reduces Swelling & Inflammation I can speak from experience, this stuff works great for reducing swelling. Recently I hit my foot skim boarding and it swelled up to the size of a baseball. Luckily we had a bottle of the recovery drops in our car and we covered my foot in the oil. No joke, 5 minutes later my foot was almost back to normal, the swelling had reduced dramatically and the color was no longer bright red. I am sure the recovery time of the injury was cut by half due...

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My Story by Josh Tuuk

  My name is Josh Tuuk, and I suffer with mild to severe anxiety and depression. I was diagnosed shortly after I was involved in a car crash that took the life of my good friend. It felt like I had a ton of bricks laying on my chest, like I couldn't breathe, my heart pounding out of my chest, and tears streaming down my face as people ask me what's wrong and I can't give them an answer. Then I came along a video on youtube by one of my favorite guys, Mathias710wrx.  He was reviewing a product called Herbstrong, an extra strength CBD concentrate, and I said to myself, I'll give it a shot. Fast forward to Sunday...

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