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My Story by Josh Tuuk

Posted by Brittany Avdee on
My Story by Josh Tuuk


My name is Josh Tuuk, and I suffer with mild to severe anxiety and depression.

I was diagnosed shortly after I was involved in a car crash that took the life of my good friend. It felt like I had a ton of bricks laying on my chest, like I couldn't breathe, my heart pounding out of my chest, and tears streaming down my face as people ask me what's wrong and I can't give them an answer.

Then I came along a video on youtube by one of my favorite guys, Mathias710wrx.  He was reviewing a product called Herbstrong, an extra strength CBD concentrate, and I said to myself, I'll give it a shot.

Fast forward to Sunday April 30th 2018, nearing my lost friends birthday. My day quickly spiraled downwards as I was in fear of losing my job and losing my girlfriend. I knew I was having an anxiety attack but this was on a whole other level, the worst attack I have ever experienced. I went looking for CBD at local head shops and all were closed. I started to panic and hyperventilate when I remembered the Herbstrong concentrate in my glove compartment with only one dab left in it.

With tears rushing down my face, I took the last dab and instantly the pressure on my chest was relieved and I could breathe again, tears swelled in my eyes but not tears of sadness, tears of joy because with one dab I felt normal again.  My pain was gone, and being 100% honest without Herbstrong I most likely would have taken my life that night.

Herbstrong saved my life. So everyone of those people at Herbstrong is a hero to me and I am beyond grateful to them for making a product that can do so much good for someone even in the darkest moments of life. Herbstrong is a light in a dark tunnel you can't get out of. So as an active customer I ask you, if you suffer with anxiety or depression or both,  please try Herbstrong, it could save your life just like it did mine.

-Josh Tuuk

A note from the Herbstrong Team.  Josh is an amazing individual who shared his story with us in a private message.  We chatted back and forth, learning things that made tears come to our eyes. We were so blown away that we asked if he would mind sharing part of his experience with CBD and this is his email share.  We are so thankful that Josh is still with us today and encourage anyone with thoughts of suicide not try to deal with it alone.  Reach out to family or a friend. Call the Suicide Hotline (800) 273-8255.  Most of all, know that you are not alone.  

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