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How Much CBD is Right For Me?

Posted by Brittany Avdee on
How Much CBD is Right For Me?

When it comes to the amount of CBD to consume per day, there is no perfect answer. Ultimately, your ideal serving size and the total daily amount will depend on your weight, metabolism, and level of activity, as well as your desired results. 

In regards to our Recovery Drops, we suggest taking 5-15 mg. twice daily. Each individual drop (not a full dropper) of our 1,000mg Recovery Drops are 4mg. For best results, we suggest holding the CBD oil under your tongue for about 30 seconds before ingesting. 

CBD works best when it remains at a constant level in your body. Use twice daily at morning and night for best results. 

It is important when trying CBD for the first time to give your body at least 1 week to test the effectiveness and results. If you are not at your desired outcome after the first week, increase or decrease the amount you are taking by 1 single drop at a time. 

Wondering about the correct dosage for your pets?

Pets need about 1mg per 10 lbs body weight split between 2 times daily - however, this is not a toxic substance and has no side effects so giving a “perfect” dose is not necessary.

As with any organic substance you try or give your pet, always start with a small amount to make sure there is not a sensitivity or allergic reaction.

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