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Herbstrong Saves the Day!

Posted by Brittany Avdee on
Herbstrong Saves the Day!

Real email from a mother who wanted to help her son in his time of need.  

"Just a little testimonial...As you know I ordered the cream for my son who plays college baseball and is nursing an elbow injury.  He is a catcher and it is his throwing arm.  The cream reached him with ten minutes to spare before they left for a 4 day road trip.  Meanwhile he slipped on the ice the day before they left and hit his knee square on and it swelled up.  For a catcher that is not good to say the least. He was concerned because he couldn't get into a full squat.  He got the cream and started applying it to the elbow and knee while on the 8 hour bus ride and by the time he arrived to his destination the swelling in his knee was gone and he was good to go.  We watched him play in 32 degree weather and even with the cold (which can seize your muscles and tendons) he was able to have an amazing tournament.  I am grateful for your product and its effectiveness.  My brother tried a little on his arthritis hands and was so impressed he ordered it on the spot.

We are now ordering it for our Dad who has chronic neck and hip pain. "

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