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Herbstrong For Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Elbow Pain, AND Chron's Disease?!

Posted by Brittany Avdee on
Herbstrong For Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Elbow Pain, AND Chron's Disease?!

Sheldon, a long time customer and supporter of Herbstrong, shares his experience using our products and the AMAZING results he's seen. Take a couple minutes to read his story (in his own words)! 

"So a little about me: I’m 26 years old. I served in the United States Marine Corps, as a combat engineer. I competitively powerlift in the 100kg weight class, I have an 18 month old son, and I’ve been married for about a year now. I originally started using CBD oil to help manage my Crohn’s disease, because of its inflammatory nature. I also dealt with some severe elbow pain due to tennis elbow and major impact from powerlifting. CBD oil has nearly put my Crohn’s into remission and has greatly relieved the bloating, stomach pain, joint pain, and restlessness from Crohn’s. I deal with PTSD from various things, and it has helped with the anxiety and insomnia related to that. It has greatly helped with regular muscle soreness and fatigue. The product has seriously helped alleviate, if not eliminate, those problems and has really made a huge difference for me. For anyone wanting to try CBD oil, I would recommend it to anyone, at any age. CBD oil has helped me in so many ways, and Herbstrong’s products have met those needs with no side effects. I was worried when I first used CBD when it came to drug testing, but I can attest to the fact that you have nothing to worry about with these products!"

You can find Sheldon on instagram: @squatasaurus_rex

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