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Help! My Herbstrong CBD Recovery Drops Turned Pink!

Posted by Sawyer Sweetman on
Coconut cbd oil pink

CBD Oil Pink

When your Recovery Drops turn pink, it is due to an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase. Polyphenols are a type of naturally occurring antioxidant.  Although our CBD mixed with MCT coconut oil start out as a golden liquid, due to high concentrations of polyphenols, it may turn pinkish the longer it is exposed to light and oxygen.

These phenolic compounds, which are also found in many other plants, often have many healthy benefits, just research it for yourself. They are the powerhouse!

The CBD/MCT oil is not degraded nor less effective if it turns pink.  The same occurs with coconut waters and they remain delicious and nutritious.

There is one risk of contamination, however, and that would be if you introduce bacteria into the bottle from touching the dropper to your mouth or skin.  

The best practice in this case is to simply use a spoon to feed the drops into your mouth if you are unable to squirt the dropper without touching your mouth or skin.  This is also true for STRONGPAWS drops - stay clear of your pets skin and the mouth. You may offer the drops onto a treat rather than attempt to use the dropper directly into the mouth.  

You may wish to keep the drops refrigerated as an extra precaution - again this is if you are worried about your own handling of the drops.  It is safe to keep out of the refrigerator otherwise. If you see any brownish residue on the inside of the bottle or floating particles, this would be an indication of contamination and the bottle should be tossed out.  



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