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Get Fit at Home - Your 2020 Guide with Jaime Filer, Part 4

Posted by Brittany Avdee on
Get Fit at Home - Your 2020 Guide with Jaime Filer, Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of our 4 part blog series with Jaime Filer. We hope you've already been able to take away a few golden nuggets that will help you in your daily life. For the final week, we're discussing motivation and how to mentally persevere in your fitness journey. Mindset is probably the MOST important factor of conquering goals so let's get right into it. 

5 KEY questions answered by Jaime: 

1. How do you push through the pain and continue working out?

Pain is temporary. I know that’s so cliche, but it’s cliche because it’s true. If this was comfortable, if this was easy, if this didn’t require discipline, everyone would do it - and do it successfully. What separates the people who reach their goals is just how well and how willingly they embrace the pain and how resilient they are. This sport is about how much you can endure, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Putting the time and sweat equity into each and every cardio and weightlifting session, knowing that every minute gets you closer to your goals. So you workout through the pain by keeping your head in the gain.

2. How do you get the "motivation" to begin working out?

I don’t believe in motivation. I’m not trying to be controversial, I’m just being real. Motivation to me is the cute, inspiring quotes you read on Instagram or the wall of your gym that get you fired up. Those things are like a shot of pre-workout - they get you excited for a bit, but by the time the workout is done, it’s worn off. I believe in DETERMINATION, DESIRE, and HABIT. That’s what gets KEEPS you going long after the motivation has left.

A lot of people talk about the WHY behind working out, and I totally believe in this philosophy. You don’t workout to lose 10lbs. 10lbs is a goal/objective, but you workout in order to feel better about yourself, to prove that you can do something, to gain confidence, to feel attractive, and to feel sexy naked. So you pick your WHY, and that’s going to be your anchor or North Star. That thing you will always come back to when the glamor fades and your progress starts to plateau. You need to remind yourself of why you started, and that’s why you can’t finish yet.

3. How to set goals

I like having my clients pick 2-3 athletic goals and 2-3 aesthetic ones. I love when people come to me asking to shred body fat, get abs, etc. but what I get really stoked about is getting someone to do their first pull up or having someone deadlift / squat 2 plates for the first time. Strength is SO empowering both physically but emotionally as well. Because my superpower is all about building peoples’ confidence, the best place to start is by getting them stronger. 

4. What are your thoughts on having other people help motivate you?

It’s been scientifically proven that telling someone about your goals helps for a couple of reasons:

a) Accountability makes you feel obligated or beholden. Not in a “have to” way, but in a “people are counting on me because I told them I would” way. Whether that’s working out with people or just straight up telling people about their goals, that accountability forms an alliance

b) Having someone to train with pushes you. You want to squeeze out one more rep, one more set, 5 more lbs. on the bar, 5 more minutes of cardio. Not only are they present emotionally to scream at and encourage you but working out with a friend means you have a built in spotter in order to push yourself physically.

5. How can Herbstrong help with anxiety around working out?

  1. Reduce fear of working out in the gym or around other people - vape or drops: The gym is intimidating, I get it. Tons of people, attractive people, who seemingly know what they’re doing. Once you feel good about your workouts at home, you can start working out in the gym with a little help from the drops to calm your nerves.
  2. Speed up muscle recovery - cream: I personally use the cream to massage into whatever body part I trained that day. Sometimes I even use it the day after to help relax the muscles and make sure they’re ready to go for the next workout. 
  3. Increase quality and quantity of good sleep - vape or drops: People underestimate the importance of sleep when it comes to your goals, be it muscle build or recovery. In my professional opinion, humans need to be attentive to their hours of sleep and water consumption, THEN they can start to worry about tracking macros, weight training splits, supplements, and cardio protocols. We don’t think about the foundation. We focus on the minutiae and get tunnel vision. But without enough sleep, you decrease the amount of fat burning and muscle building hormones in your body which accumulate overnight while you’re passed out.


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