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Get Fit at Home - Your 2020 Guide with Jaime Filer, Part 3

Posted by Brittany Avdee on
Get Fit at Home - Your 2020 Guide with Jaime Filer, Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of our 4 part blog series with Jaime Filer! Let's talk nutrition and meal prepping - an essential step to getting fit for 2020. Jaime breaks things down SIMPLY and makes 'meal prepping' not seem so overwhelming. 

1. What to eat and what NOT to eat 

What I’m going to say will probably surprise you: There’s nothing you shouldn’t eat. I mean, I hear arsenic burns, and the cinnamon challenge is stupid, but other than that, no food is off limits for me or my clients. I believe that creating this black and white world of food gives foods labels. Foods aren’t good or bad. Too much of something (even protein!) can be detrimental, but that has more to do with how much of something you’re eating and also when you’re eating it. One of my main superpowers is helping my clients create a positive relationship with food, and eating. How can you do that when you think pizza is BAD and bad for you, and you’re trying to convince yourself that broccoli tastes as good as Oreos.

We’re all adults and for the most part, we have access to Google. Type in “clean eating” and see what comes up. Eat more of those things, and less Pop-Tarts and ice cream. That’s as good a place to start.

2. How to properly meal prep

  • What you need to meal prep successfully

Time and patience. Honestly. The biggest barrier to people not achieving their goals is that they’ll put in 60-120min at the gym every day, but not 2-3 hours per week to cook all the food they’re going to need. Preparation is key. People often make poor choices when:

a) They’re presented with a choice in the first place,

b) They’re hungry. Don’t be caught without food.

In terms of actual practical things you need to start, I would search on Amazon for Tupperware. They don’t have to be any cute, fancy Rubbermaid sets. The ones you typically see with a clear plastic lid and black bottom will suffice.

  • How often you need to meal prep

I do a huge bulk cooking session on Sunday afternoon. That’s when I prepare all my proteins for the week, (typically grilled chicken, plain grilled chicken wings, and ground beef), my starches (sweet potatoes, white rice, mashed cauliflower), and steam my veggies. I don’t necessarily put all my meals TOGETHER that day though, because my fridge can’t hold that many individual Tupperware. So I’ll pack maybe 2-3 days worth of individual meals, and then do that Sunday for the beginning of the week, and Wednesday for the end of the week.

  • How much time to set aside for meal prepping each week

A TOTAL of 3 or so hours per week depending on:

1. Whether you have someone helping you

2. How exciting you like your recipes (think of pad thai chicken versus plain grilled chicken with Mrs Dash spice)

3. How many meals you want/need, and whether you do bars and/or shakes instead of meals.

So, there you have it! We'd love to hear about your experiences following Jaime's meal prepping advice. The most important thing here is to actually DO IT. Don't be caught without food otherwise you're more likely to cave and get that McDonalds or eat one of those donuts that a co-worker brought. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us or Jaime. You can find Jaime on Instagram: @jaim91 or on her website


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