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Get Fit at Home - Your 2020 Guide with Jaime Filer, Part 2

Posted by Brittany Avdee on
Get Fit at Home - Your 2020 Guide with Jaime Filer, Part 2

Last week you read up on who Jaime Filer is and why she is a beast. You already saw a little of her passion when she talked about cardio and weightlifting. This week you are going to get Jaime’s ideas on the best ways to burn fat. 

Here are a series of 4 quick, easy, simple workouts that don’t take more than 4-10minutes. You can knock them out wherever you are because there is NO equipment necessary. I believe that exercise should be fun, but also easily accessible. A lot of my clients are in the army, or on the road for work, so making them a routine for GloboGym isn’t practical. These are!

Option A: Day 1 
Burpees then Sit ups

Option B: Day 2 
400m run then 20 bodyweight squats x 6 rounds

Option C: Day 3 
Tabata Pushups (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 8 times) = Total 4 minutes
THEN Tabata air squats

Option D: Day 4 
30 Sit-ups
15 pushups
30 backwards lunges
15 Door frame pull-ups

How to recover post workout:

First and foremost, cool down. Just like in the prior blog I emphasized the importance of proper warm up and movement prep, what you do after your workout is almost as important. After your last set, grab some more water, maybe even your post-workout shake, and head to the mats or stretching room of your gym. Find a foam roller if you can (or use the lacrosse ball in your gym bag), and stretch/roll for about 10min. Focus on the areas you just trained primarily. The golden rule is to cover about 1” of your body per second with the foam roller/ball. So get deep in there, suck up the pain, and break that scar tissue down!

Once you're done stretching and rolling, apply some Extra Strong Recovery Cream to the areas that you trained. Using Herbstrong Recovery Cream will not only help alleviate any muscle soreness, but it will help you recover faster so you can get back into the gym. You can save 15% with code: 2020 


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