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Jeremys Story comparing brands

Posted by Sawyer Sweetman on
Jeremys Story comparing brands

Dear Readers - When we get amazing testimonials via DM or email we love to share them with you!  Here is a story by Jeremy.

Just a few weeks ago I decided to look into CBD and see what the hype was about. I have been on prescriptions for the last seven years.

I began with a company that sold a vape additive with 150 mg of full spectrum CBD for around $20. The results were not astonishing, but I definitely saw a response in my body. I shelled out over $50 for for their bottle with 300 mg, and saw a marginal increase in effectiveness.

About a week into this, my mom actually surprised me with a gift. She picked up Herbstrong's recovery drops, knowing I was pursuing holistic wellness.

Now I was impressed.

I use these drops under my tongue, and also add them to my vape and love the taste, the effect and benefits. They have been an absolute life changer.

Thinking it may be a bit less expensive, I tried some isolate powder from another company. All I can say is there is no comparison. I am convinced that just like any vitamin or nutrient, CBD works with the elements it is grouped with in nature. The difference is substantial.

Thank you, Herbstrong, for delivering a truly awesome product!

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