CBD for Addiction - A Success Story

Dear Reader, below is email communications we received recently from an amazing man named Jorda.  We asked if we could post the email in the form of an article to help others.  He wants to share his story in the hope that it may provide some guidance for others in the grips of their addiction.  This is not intended as a prescription or medical advice, but is is a 100% accounting of his experience, struggles, and success. 

Hello Herbstrong Team!
My name is Jorda Kynett. I have a testimony about how CBD helped me quit the GRIPS of Suboxone.  

I had no way out of addiction, when I was 8 years old I hurt my hand, on a mechanical rolling gate, went through 6 hours of surgery, had 27 stitches placed on the palm side of my right hand. I was prescribed pain medication and was hooked all thought out my high school years.

Thinking I was just doing what my doctor told me, taking prescription drugs, I continued using until I hit my rock bottom, my addiction had driven me to the streets.. With no money and no friends, I could only think of one person... my doctor.   He assured me Suboxone was the only surefire way to quit my opiate habit. Little did I know I was trading one addiction for another.

I started my first dose of Suboxone in January of 2016 at 18mg a day.

After two years on the drug Suboxone, with many failed attempts to quit and medical problems because of the drug, I finally asked my parents for help. My mother knew exactly what to do. She went to the dispensary, and came home with CBD oil. I was very skeptical at first but then it helped me sleep, eat, work, and function like a normal human should.

The scariest thing about quitting an addiction is having a that very little amount, of what you are addicted to. That’s the worst part for addicts. I recommend an open mind. Think about the past and how free the mind was before all the substances. The mind gets trapped in a loop, is frightened when you don't have that escape. So really it’s all about letting go of fear, and actually doing. I thought about my mother. She wanted me on the cover of a Wheaties box my entire life....  and I felt like I let her down. She has been the biggest inspiration in my life. So every night gather the strength, I would taper, I would think of her, and how proud I made her.

It took me about 60 days to completely get off Suboxone once I started my 2mg does. The first week was the worst for my head change, going from 8 to 2mg, but I learned how to cut my strips off a video on YouTube. The first two weeks I took 2mg as prescribed. I knew they wanted me to take the whole does then and just stop.... (would for sure feel a withdrawal) It even says on the wrapper "DO NOT CUT SUBOXONE" (the same company that makes brand named ox makes subs)

So I read past that and started cutting. That next week I would take 1.5 mg and keep decreasing every day by .1 mg until I was taking such small strips it didn't even make sense anymore. At that point I was done!  I was able to taper off from 18mg of Suboxone down to 2mg in 90 days. (it wasn't easy)

I am in charge of my life now, I have now started my own moving business and have recently bought my mother a car! It's a 360 degree difference!

I enjoy MM, but I don't enjoy the psycho-active effects as much, especially in the A.M hours. That’s when I found the no THC brand, Herbstrong. 

I take usually 2 to 3 droppers full. so 2-3 ml depending on my pain and irritability. Usually at night, because like I said i took my Suboxone at night. When I tried the Herbstrong CBD drops, they worked better and faster for me then some previous companies I have ordered from. I think I found my happy place!

The first 20 days without Suboxone is absolutely the hardest days you will experience. but thats where CBD came to the rescue! Suboxone helps with pain but so does CBD. Suboxone helps you sleep but so does CBD! So I found my substitute!!!


  • corey

    Awesome story

  • E.

    Thanks for sharing Jorda, and first things first, Congratulations (I’ve withdrew from many different opiates, and I understand how drawn out and terrible suboxone withdrawal can be). My story is very similar to yours. I went from DR. prescribed painkillers legally at 13-14 years old, to lying and stealing to buy more starting around 16 years old. I’ve been on Suboxone now for at least 5 years. CBD has already helped me with daily aches and pains, but I never considered using it to mitigate withdrawals after stopping sub. The day is coming very soon for me, as I’m sick of having to rely on sub everyday. Thank you again for sharing, and hopefully a year from now I will have the same success with CBD to eliminate suboxone from my daily routine.

    Thanks Jorda. And thank you Herbstrong. It’s nice to be able to have trust in a company and quality of a product.

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