Motocross/ Supercross by Dylan Merriam

We asked athlete, Dylan Merriam if he would share his Herbstrong experience.  We are hoping the article will help answer the numerous messages we get from people asking if Herbstrong is right for them.  

We can not advise the individual, it is the individual that needs to do research and decide the best resource for themselves. We believe that everyone can benefit from the natural healing properties of full spectrum hemp extract, that’s why we provide it!

Below are Dylan’s comments on how Herbstrong impacts his life.

My sport and passion is racing professional Motocross and Supercross. I practice about 3 to 4 days a week on the bike, with each day lasting around 2-3 hours. I also workout 6 days a week which consists of CrossFit, Road Biking, Mountain Biking, Running and Swimming.

Due to how physically challenging my training is, soreness is very common. With this sport comes a lot of risk. Over the course of my racing career I’ve broken north of 8 bones along with some tears and sprains. Every injury has healed, but there’s always little aches and pains.  

I've notices the biggest difference in overall wellness since taking the Herbstrong products. I can go through out my normal training days and not have to worry about waking up sore and tired. I take the Extra Strong Recovery Drops, the CBD Vape, and the Recovery Cream. All 3 products have provided benefits enough to make it worth while.

I don’t ever get anxiety and rarely feel stressed, but I do believe the products have enabled me to be more relaxed.

As far as my recovery goes, I have a consistent sleeping regimen, but I recover in different ways depending on what my training program consists of that day.

To anyone that doesn’t take or hasn’t tried CBD products, I would tell them they are missing out and they need to try it immediately.

The Herbstrong Team thanks Dylan for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to write us and share his experience.  He has done so in order to help you, the reader in your quest for answers.

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