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ADHD - A Mother's Journey into the world of CBD

Posted by Brittany Avdee on
ADHD - A Mother's Journey into the world of CBD

Emailed to us by Liz, an amazing mom!

My son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. It was difficult for me to put him on medication at that time because I felt he was so young.

I waited until he was 7 to start him on medication and that was only after countless of appointments with the ADHD specialist and basically telling me this was my only option.

I finally started my son on Ritalin which was then switched to Quillivant which is basically a liquid form of Ritalin.

For the past 3 years,  we have struggled immensely with his disorder.  We have appointments with the specialist every 5-6 weeks but nothing changes we continued to be on the same medication and experiencing the same issues with behavior and academics that we hoped to improve.

We've adjusted the dosage from 2cc's up to 5cc's. At 5cc's he was having moments of hallucinations. That was terrifying so we went back to a lower dose of 2cc-4cc. At the lower dose,  it wasn't good for him at school because once the meds wore off, I had no idea who my child was. 

This past February 2018, there was a nationwide shortage of his medication. We went back to see his doctor and she prescribed the same medication but in chewable form. Since I was familiar with the drug, I didn't think there would be much difference with the side effects. Boy was I wrong!!! Not only did he have the usual side effects of anxiety and OCD, but those symptoms intensified and once the meds wore off,  he was behaving as a child I never thought he'd be at the age of 10!! He was having tantrum fits and raging about everything.  Getting him up in the mornings was pure insanity and same for having him shower. At that point I proceeded to call his doctor again and she squeezed me in for an urgent visit. She said I could wait it out for the liquid form to come back into production or she could switch to a Adderall family based medication. I took the prescription and went home feeling uncertain (as usual) and thinking my kid was out of control.

At this point, feeling desperate for a different type of treatment and always having homeopathic or "natural" medications in mind, I started doing some research. As I started looking into the new medication the doctor had prescribed, what I discovered made me more desperate and anxious about the treatment for my son. I knew I wasn't going to give him an Amphetamine based medication. I just couldn't!!

When did you consider Herbstrong products?

I know I have a sweet loving boy that I'm losing by using the medications prescribed, so I started looking into CBD oil. I have NEVER used Marijuana and like many have always thought of it as a "DRUG" that opens the gate to more drugs. It wasn't until I did research and started talking more openly about, that I decided to give Herbstrong CBD a try for my son. I figured, I've tried the "PRESCRIBED DRUGS" and the thought of putting my son on an amphetamine just wasn't working for me.  As the prescription medication continues to make my child insane,  why not try the natural approach.  So, I did. I put aside all stigma and my old beliefs aside and went for it. 

How is Herbstrong Recovery Drops helping?

Fast forward to April 2018, my son is off the prescribed medication and on Herbstrong hemp extracted, full spectrum CBD oil.   Regardless of what anyone would think,  all I can say is this was the best decision I have made for my son!!!

The sweet loving boy is back! Not only has his personality shifted from anger to happy go lucky, his entire sleep pattern has improved as well!! Our morning routines for school have NEVER been so easy!!! He wakes up on his own without me having to get frustrated with him and gets himself dressed and ready for breakfast. No drama with brushing his teeth or taking a shower!! I have no idea who this kid is now!!!  ( In a good way!)

At school, he has been jovial and actually wrote a two page story because his mind is clear!!! Before switching to this amazing hemp extract,  he was only writing half a page. Naysayer no more!  I will continue to share my story and hopefully see even more amazing results.

I know many will frown upon my decision and maybe I will see negative comments BUT for right now I am going to try this just like I tried the prescribed medications that just weren't working for my son.

The truth is, I actually feel better about giving him 4-5 drops of the CBD oil than giving him the prescription stuff which I know were causing him to feel "weird" and "not good".

I want to share all this because I know there are more parents out there feeling the desperation I feel for helping their child manage ADHD. I hope this helps someone and lets them know there may be an alternative for their loved one. 

The Herbstrong Team wants to thank Liz for bringing her story out in the open.  Many people are getting amazing results from CBD, but being shamed by society into keeping quiet. We applaud Liz for doing her research and making an informed decision which led to a new and better life for her son.

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