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A Success Story: Using CBD to deal with anxiety and depression

Posted by Brittany Avdee on
A Success Story: Using CBD to deal with anxiety and depression

Here is a true accounting just received this month from one of our loyal customers. The email is word for word what she sent and explains how she used Herbstrong CBD to fight anxiety.


"I’ve chosen Herbstrong over many other brands out there simply because it works. I came out of my second pregnancy (my first was only one year prior) with severe anxiety and depression. At times I questioned my existence. I fought HARD to come out of the other side of that battle and Herbstrong recovery drops TRULY was a huge part of that. My anxiety and depression got better and better by the weeks. I was able to get out of bed. I was able to workout again. I was able to find my worth again. Because of your CBD product, I am still here and able to take care of and enjoy my life with my husband and kids. I know this may sound a little extreme to some, but for me it’s not. Medication was NOT an option for me. I sought high and low and spent countless hours researching and money down the tubes trying to find the right conviction of SOMETHING that would work for me. And that’s why I continue to purchase your product. Thank you!"

Laura H. 

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