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Former Football Player - Competitive Powerlifter Adds Herbstrong to Regimen!

A word from Steve, former football player, competitive powerlifter As a competitive power lifter and former football player my body gets beat up regularly mixed in with some lingering injuries.  As I get older I have become more cautious of what I put in my body whether it's food or medicine. To deal with the inflammation and soreness I knew I needed to do something besides pop ibuprofen NSAID's multiple times a day every day. As I researched more I realized CBD might be the alternative I was looking for.  I gave Herbstrong a try because I was looking for something without THC that could provide me the benefits I was looking for without the psycho-active consequences. I have been...

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Powerlifting and CBD

We are pleased to share an interview with Andy Huang, "that_hugeasian_guy" on IG - Powerlifter and coach in Southern California.  We hope his experience will help guide others looking for answers. He shared his experience specifically to be of help to others, and we appreciate him so much for it! 

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