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Frequently Asked Questions

Herbstrong Hemp Extract Oil

Does Herbstrong Hemp Extract Have CBD in it? (YES)

Is there THC in Herbstrong products? (NO)

Will Herbstrong oils get me high?

How quickly should I start seeing results from taking Herbstrong?

The Color / Taste is different in this bottle ....

Product Ingredients

Recovery Drops Ingredients?

1000mg Topical Cream Ingredients?

What is the shelf life of Hemp Oil?

How to use Herbstrong products?

How do I take CBD Oil?

Recovery Drops Suggested Dose?

Vape Battery and Vape Cartridge Instructions

Topical Recovery Cream Use

Shipping/ Tracking

Where Does Herbstrong Ship?

Where is my order?

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Return Policy

Return Policy

Is There A Guarantee Herbstrong Will Work For Me?

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Veterans and Emergency Service Discount

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